Monday, February 22, 2021

Portfolio Updates (Febuary 2021)

 Hi all!

Hope everyone had a good CNY celebration or at least a good break! I was not well the past few weeks due to severe headache. It happened almost everyday for an hour or two and overcome by periods of lassitude after that. I went to see GP a few times and neurologist and they concluded that it was a primary headache with unknown cause and I just needed to find the trigger. Yet I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it’s has nothing to do with my brain or any neurological disorder.

I didn’t manage to find the trigger, but I made positive changes- drink more water, eat more fruits, rest more, improve my posture and it miraculously went away. I have been headache free for almost two weeks. Currently my work and meetings are behind schedule and there is much to catchup but won’t stress myself too much.

As of writing, stock market in US and HK is experiencing some sort of retracement and Straits Times Index is still struggling to catchup but I am thankful that my portfolio value still went up overall. As mentioned in my blogpost on 17th Jan on the SG counters to sell, I have finally sold them on 27th January via odd lot market in Standard Chartered. To my surprise, $10.70 was charged for asset transfer fee per counter. I remembered that fee is chargeable for share transfer out of Stan Chart, not the other way round.

Other than divesting I made no changes to my dividend portfolio but looking forward to shares going XD and collecting dividends! As for now I have no plans to add any counters to dividend portfolio.

(1) Dividend Portfolio

(2) Growth Portfolio

I sold Palantir last month at $29 -2.08% for two reasons. (1) The business relies on a few key clients which means high customer concentration risks. According to, the top 20 customers accounted to $495 million which forms 67% of total revenue in 2019. Hence, one or two contract cancellations will cause significant hit in Palantir’s revenue in the short run. While there are encouraging signs that Palantir managed to secure more clients to diversify their revenue and actively scaling their commercial business, the value they bring into client are somewhat uncertain until implemented. We are talking about a multimillion-dollar deal for a solution which may not work until it’s tested and tried. I must admit as well that (2) I don’t understand Palantir’s furtive business potential well enough to determine its future outlook and hence I choose to sell at a slight loss and stay at the side-lines for now.

I also closed all my position in Facebook at $269.33 +52.98% because I have lost interest in this company and I didn’t just feel like owning this share anymore. That means that I am unlikely to keep up with the company’s prospects, get updated on earnings report even notice when a red flag comes up, so I decided its better off selling and locking in the gains.

As for MasterCard at $342.44 +31.09% and Starbucks at $105.00 +25.28% I still see value and their ability to grow, but I sold them as my positions in these two shares are too small such that the shares movement hardly will move a needle for my portfolio. I will be using the proceeds to pursue stocks with better growth opportunities, probably in the field of genome testing. I am closely watching three companies: Invitae, CRISPR Therapeutics and also Fulgent Genetics. I particularly like Fulgent Genetics because of its agile business that it’s able to tap its expertise in genetic testing into Covid 19 testing. As a result, its revenue surged 880% year on year and outperform its genetic testing peers. That being said, I felt that the stock price went ahead of its fundamentals last month due to short squeeze caused by the GameStop saga. It had very high shorting interest and probably short sellers went in to cover its position. I am waiting for the stock price to drop further before adding.

My new positions this month are Vuzix which I entered at $15 and Netflix at $558.

On top of those, I have added more Tesla shares at $838 and $894, Disney at $162,and Fiverr at $300.

New shares that I am closely watching: AirBnb, Fulgent Genetics, CRISPR Therapeutics, Invitae, and Intuitive Surgical.

Currently, the Dollar Costs Averaging for Tencent Holdings has paid of well. Rain or shine, it's HK6,000/month into the tech giant. 

I also added a small position on Bitcoin to hedge against inflation but shall leave this for the next post.

Stock Portfolio= $492,398

Cash at Hand= $46,700

Total Portfolio Value= $539,087

Goals for 2022- 92.3% achieved

Goals for 2030- 13.79% achieved

Portfolio 1 Net Worth (Dividend+Growth) = $492,398

Portfolio 2 Net Worth  = $186,194

Cash at Hand=$46,700 

Net Worth (Cash+ Equity)= $725,292

Wrapping up

Be Prepared for a Stock Market Correction

Although I have made much progress compared to last month, I think there’s nothing to cheer about yet because a market downtrend can wipe out months of  my portfolio returns in a few days. The US stock market is trading at a valuation as if Covid-19 is behind us. It seems like a market correction is imminent and overdue. As to when, my best guess is second half of the year, but you know that your guess is as good as mine.

The greatest lesson I learnt this year -Health is Wealth!

The headache episodes have truly given me a sober reminder that health is wealth. The headache just came randomly, and its pain intensity was as bad or worse than migraine and there’s nothing I could do than to just sit in one corner or inside my car and close my eyes. I began to reflect that we often strive for financial success often to the detriment of our health, and truly understand the value of health when we have had it and lost it again. During the time, my portfolio had a good run with HK counters and US stocks breaking all time high , but I am not in a mood to even think about it than just praying my headache to disappear. When it disappeared, I worried and feared for the next headache episode.

However, if you are young and healthy and you are reading this post, count yourself lucky or perhaps you are older, not to worry s you still have time to look after yourself. Getting to bed early, regularly exercise and mentally taking time out to relax and recharge are very important.

I set four core values this year- (1) wealth, (2) career and (3) health and (4)spirituality; and health will be one of my top priority from now on. We strive to get rich so to achieve the ideal lifestyle or financial freedom. But what’s the point when we are financial free, or achieved the Finance Independance, Retire Early (F.I.R.E) movement in our 30s, yet suffering in pain and don’t have the good health to enjoy it. Some people I know have shared with me that in their younger days, they trade their health to gain more wealth and then spend their wealth in later years to regain their health. That’s why now I better understood Warren Buffett’s wisdom that the by far best investment your can make is in yourself and I am sure he also meant not just education but health as well. Stop neglecting your health and change for the better because you deserve it!

So stay healthy and invest safely and talk to you in the next post!

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